Iron Recertification

  • Visual Inspection – The initial inspection for every piece of iron is the visual inspection, which examines flow bores and exteriors for any irregularities including erosion, cracking, pitting, etc.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) – A test performed by our Level II ASNT-TC-1A certified technicians trained in methods of NDT examination to identify relevant and non-relevant indications.  The results are automatically stored in the Iron Tracker software
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection (UTI) – Every piece of iron undergoes an ultrasonic examination by a qualified technician, these tests must meet or exceed customer and OEM requirements. The tests are performed using top of the line GE instruments to ensure accuracy. All test results are loaded into the Iron Tracker database for customer review.
  • Union Sub End Gauging - Through the use of go/no go gauges we are able to detect unacceptable wear of hammer union sub ends, wing halves, swivel ball races, and retaining segments.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing – Pressure testing ranging from 200-20,000 psi performed inside of a fortified test enclosures  with the results electronically charted and stored for each tested piece within the Iron Tracker software.
  • Fluid end service and repair - We provide a wide variety of well service pump fluid end maintenance services including fluid end swaps, changing valves, seats and packing at our location or in the field.

Maintenance and Repair

Power end maintenance and repair – Our technicians can perform major power end rebuilds on all power ends on the market. We offer customizable preventative maintenance programs tailored to performance and working conditions which have resulted in a 90 percent decrease in premature power end failures.

Iron Tracker Software

Iron Tracker – an interactive proprietary online tool allowing customers to monitor the progress of assets as they move through the recertification process. Iron tracker allows customers to monitor due dates for iron recertification. Once a client has established an account with AW Flow Products, Iron Tracker will help monitor and track iron recertification.

Customized Iron Maintenance Programs

AW Flow Products works with each of its’ customers independently to create a maintenance program that meets the company’s safety standards and protocol. Once a maintenance program has been established we will assist in the tracking of assets that are scheduled for recertification to minimize asset out of service time.