Our Team

Our Midland team with their donations for Operation Christmas Child.

AW Flow Midland Team


Dean Love

Senior VP of Flow Products

Dean has been involved with iron flow for over 22 years. He spent his first 15 years working for FMC, 8 of which were with the mobile inspection unit, which he managed for 6 years. When he moved back into the office he took up the position of North Texas Sales and Service Manager. Throughout his time he oversaw the implementation of numerous safety and production initiatives. Dean has inspected tens of thousands of pieces of iron, for a multitude of customers across every major shale play in the US.

David Conatser

Senior VP of Well Service

For over 25 years there has been obsession in David Conatser’s life: pressure pumps. He learned the ropes at FMC, where he was instrumental in creating and launching the Well Service Pump product line. The last three years that David spent at FMC he served as a Lead Field Tech for the WSP support team. As the Lead Field Tech David worked hand in hand with engineers and customers, diagnosing and remedying problems in the field, performing maintenance, and swinging both power ends, and fluid ends. His other responsibilities included training field engineers, new service techs, and teaching pump school during his tenure.

Guy Payne

Operations Manager

Guy has over 20 years in Sales and Management roles. He got his start in the automotive industry, winning the contract for the City of Fort Worth. Guy got his start with DFW Heavy Duty 8 years ago and has since taken the operations manager role at AW Flow Products.

Michael Conatser

Well Service Pump Manager

Michael grew up with his father, David Conatser teaching him the inner workings of frac pumps. He earned his stripes at FMC, working on service pump assembly and manufacturing power ends before he was promoted to machining power end parts, fluid ends, and fluid end expendables. He is our number one source for every make and model of fluid ends and power ends.

Jim Alix

Chief Compliance Officer

For the better part of 20 years Jim has been managing, overseeing, and leading iron recertification teams. Starting as a Field Service Tech at FMC he worked his way up to the Flow Line Facility Manager. He is on his fourth year as a Chief Compliance Officer, overseeing that we meet all safety regulations, ensuring the tools we use are in spec, and his duties include managing HSE, technical specifications, continuing employee education. Jim is dedicated to safety and compliance to customer SOP's.

Eddie Tejeda

Flow Line Shop Manager

As shop manager, Eddie uses his vast knowledge from his decades of experience around the oilfield to keep day to day activities running quickly and efficiently. He spent five years working his way through the ranks at FMC, three years as the shop supervisor at Iron Pro. He has a Level II certification for Ultrasonic Testing and Mag Particle Inspection.